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The Oil & Process Water Specialist

The Oil & Process Water Specialist

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Enviro Now® | The Oil & Process Water Specialist

Enviro Now® has been at the forefront in developing new and innovative ways of separating oil from water since 2007. We specialise in adsorbents and absorbents that remove gross oil or polish to non-detectable levels.

In 2018, we expanded our business into the Industrial Wastewater reuse, reduction and recycling sector.

Our sludge reduction technology is the best in the business, using waste heat, wind or solar to evaporate water from solids.

We design systems based on the individual chemical analysis of your wastewater components.

Our simple methods are able to remove solids to as low as .5 of a micron or 1/2000th of a millimeter.

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“On behalf of Newmont I would like to thank you for supplying the Enviro Now-ADsorb-it Filter Fabric material and polishing drum for use in our Oily Water Separator Project.

Without your support and product I do not believe we would’ve been able to achieve such a low output of treated oily water from the polishing drum. The result of < 0.5 ppm of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) was outstanding, so low in fact that they were non-detectable.

Your prompt response to Technical Queries, delivery of materials and ability to liaise with the representative from Spinclear was also greeted appreciated. I strongly recommend your products and company and look forward to working with you in the future.”
- Matthew Bridgwood (Project Engineer - Newmont)

Meet and exceed your licensing compliance requirements for oil water separation and sludge reduction by installing quality water treatment processing systems.

  • Market leader in oil water separation
  • Custom-made plans for each business
  • Superior Patented technologies
  • Cost effective and money saving methods
  • Saves you money in wastewater and sludge disposal
  • Meets and exceeds your licensing compliance requirements for oil water separation
  • 10 year “Return on Investment” spreadsheet

As every business is unique, we utilise different technologies to suit each client’s individual needs to provide them the best possible results - that’s what makes us the best!

Any business with machinery and vehicles needs Enviro Now®. Wherever oil can make its way into water through machinery, oil changes, servicing or mines, our oil water separation technology is the only choice to save your business money and protect the environment.

There is no water we cannot clean