Enviro Now has developed an automated oil water separator that continuously separates oil, grease, tallow, motor oil, vegetable oil and most other types of fat, oil and grease from water.

At the heart of the system is ADsorb-it® Filter Fabric which allows water to freely flow through the fabric at rates of 378 lpm per 30 cm² while adsorbing the fat, oil and grease onto its fibers. The ADsorb-it® belt passes through a set of wringers which squeeze the fat, oil and grease from the ADsorb-it® into a tank at the end of the belt.

Quality 316 Stainless Steel construction

Top quality Franklin pump and branded electric motors

12 months warranty on all components

Simple and easy to install and use

Maintenance contract available

Heater elements in both tanks as an optional

Dimensions: 1.750 (L) x .950 (W) x 1.000 (H)

12 Months on all electrical components, pump and workmanship

Clean the system as required of built up oils, grease or tallow and replace belt every 6 to 12 months or more frequently depending on the amount of use

A flexible hose with a cam lock fitting and a single or three phase power supply is all that is required

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