Enviro Now®️ Oil Adsorbent Granules (OAG)

Our OAG comes in a granule form and has a strong affinity for fuel oils.

The range of hydrocarbon contaminants that can be removed from aqueous solutions is from C10 through to C20 (Lubricating Oils).

The Oil Adsorbent Granules product has many uses such as, in booms, spill kits, filter houses and as a polishing media to support technologies such as coalescing plate separators, hydro cyclones and triple interceptors.

Activated carbon has, at best, a ratio of pickup of 25% of it’s weight whereas Oil Adsorbent Granules has a ratio of pickup of a minimum five times and a maximum of up to ten times it’s own weight.

When used appropriately, Oil Adsorbent Granules can reduce hydrocarbon impact to non-detectable or near non-detectable levels.

When the Oil Adsorbent Granules is spent it can be incinerated for it’s calorific value.

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