Our extensive range of oil water separation and filtration systems can be tailored to fit within any existing business.

Automatic Oil Water Separator (AOWS)

An automated oil water separator that continuously separates most types of fat, oil and grease from water.

Manual Oil Water Separator (MOWS)

A simple system for removing fats, oils and greases from large flow rates.

Enviro Now®️ Oil Polishing Canister (OPC)

A scalable solution with capacity to handle flow rates up to 75L per minute.

Adsorb-It®️ Filter Fabric Socks (AFFS)

Made from 100% recycled select fibres, the Filter Fabric Socks allow virtually unrestricted flow of salt or fresh water through the fabric whilst retaining oils, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants.

Sedi-Sock Fine Particulate Filtration (SS)

Your cost saving solution to filtered removal of particulates from water.

Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Removal

For use where Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon’s need to be removed from groundwater during remedial actions.

Our “Oil Water Separator in a Box”

Complete space-saving and affordable system to separate oil from water.

Camlock Sock Attachments (CSA)

Allows you to simply attach the Adsorb-It® Filter Socks or the Sedi-Socks to this unit, whether individually or in combination.

Enviro Now®️ Oil Adsorbent Granules (OAG)

For use with fuel oils and may be used in booms, spill kits and filter houses as well as many other uses.

ADsorb it®️ Test Results

Initial laboratory studies show ADsorb-it® sorbent to be very efficient in selectively adsorbing / absorbing petroleum and vegetable-derived hydrocarbons from water.

ADsorb it®️ Ratio

Tests were performed on ADsorb-it® sorbent media to determine it’s capacity to adsorb oils.

The BRINEX™ system

The modular BRINEX™ system is a solar, waste heat and wind powered accelerated evaporator.


50mm diameter for the easy removal of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) from monitoring wells where active pumping system are not viable.

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